We're Expanding!

We're Expanding our team and looking for new people.

If you’re unfamiliar with Horizon Studio, we’re a small independent development studio specializing in mod development, we create and publish mods and modpacks for Minecraft, we try to work with many members of the community to bring high quality and memorable experiences in our creations. Our team currently consists of 16 members each have their own skill set and work on specific projects.

  • Coded (Lead Developer, Project Manager)
  • Lanse (Designer, Assistant Project Manager)
  • Chip (Networking, Server Manager)
  • Hayden (Networking)
  • Buuz (Programmer)
  • Gegy (Programmer)
  • Wyn Price (Programmer)
  • Sekwah (Programmer)
  • Lumber Wizard (Programmer)
  • Icy (Programmer)
  • EpicSquid (Programmer)
  • Ed (Artist)
  • Darkfire (Modpack Developer)
  • ThatGravyBoat (Modpack Developer)
  • Habeeb (Modpack Developer)
  • Zixxorb (Modpack Developer)

Why do you need more people if you have so many existing members?

Since everyone in horizon does it as a hobby making no real earning from the work they do, it is hard to find the time to work on projects, as people have other things they need to do, and as we have a lot of projects under our belt at the moment, some extra hands from people who enjoy what they do and enjoy what we do would be very helpful.

What projects would I be working on?

People are free to go to and from projects that they wish to work on in horizon to prevent burn out and to let people continue enjoying working on projects, despite this we do have a “priority” project list, usually projects of high importance or close to release time, these projects are what are prefered to be worked on though not required, some of these at the time of writing include; Matter Overdrive, Roadworks, Time Enough, ReCubed and the Workshop.

Who would I be working with?

Most of the time you’d be working with the members of the horizon team currently listed above, but sometimes depending on the project you may end up working with some of our partners on a joint project or implementing a system into their projects.

What are the requirements

  • Worked with Minecraft development before.
  • Know how to use Git + Gradle.

Is this a paid job?

Sadly not, we’d love to be able to pay people but we already don’t make enough money to pay for the services Horizon uses, in the future we aren’t ruling it out though.

Where do I apply?

You can apply through the google form linked here, Google Form

I have some questions

Great! We’d be happy to discuss your questions on our discord, Horizon Studio Discord