The Future of Magic Mods

Embers, Roots and Solar are joining Horizon!

To our community,

We are pleased to announce that effective February 6th, 2019, Mystic Mods will be merging with Horizon Studio.

This is a very exciting opportunity for both of us, by joining forces we manage to make a huge increase in what we are able to do for the community, delivering the content you can enjoy.

With the enhanced experience and expertise from this merger, this will allow Mystic to create and maintain a better quality of service and create a better service for Horizon as a whole.

This is a merger of two highly compatible groups. We’ve worked together before and are longterm friends. We hold the same values and ideas on content creation; producing a quality end product, an emphasis on community and the importance of working together.

Some may be wondering what is going to happen to the projects coming over, nothing is going to change the projects coming over; Embers, Roots, Solar, Gadgetry, Blockcraftery and Mystic World; will all be maintained and respected in the same way as before, just with a bit more support behind them. Embers 2 and Roots 3 and Mystic World are still in development (lead by EpicSquid) along with Solar 2 (lead by Martacus), with members of Horizon joining both teams. Gadgetry and Blockcraftery will also see more support from the developers, with more developers to help bring them to 1.13+.

Please join us as we look forward to an exciting and prosperous future for our members, our partners and our community.