Welcome to Horizon, Expanse.

Learn about our new project, Expanse, a new minecraft server system.

When Horizon initially started, we were a team developing a new MMO server, this sadly never came to pass but the idea always stayed with us in our core and for years we’ve been wanting to come back to the MMO, then we found SpatialOS. SpatialOS gives us the ability to rewrite minecraft’s networking internals to support massive worlds, with massive amounts of players.

The goal of Expanse is to unlock the potential for servers to grow larger than ever, we’re talking hundreds, if not thousands of players in the same world at the same time, interacting with the same stuff.

Minecraft follows the traditional client -> server system, which is good for simplicity but heavily limits the capacity and capability of the game.

Expanse aims to break that, by deploying SpatialOS it brings together many servers so they’re working as one. But it does it in a way that makes a single world which looks seamless to players.

We will be conducting public and private tests for our community and patrons during development to help find the limits of the system and fine tune parts of it. Join the discord if you want to be part of those tests.

Mod support is a big question and its something we aim to keep as much compat as possible with, we will try work with mod developers to ensure mods work, we already have started talking to some developers.

If you want to see progress, take a look or even help develop the project, heres some links: